Friday, 21 December 2012

Snow day!

My backyard. Bonus squirrel in the righthand corner!

The snow is coming down absolutely crazy right now! I was beginning to get a little worried, because I really do love having snow for Christmas day. I remember last Christmas, my boyfriend went to see his family about 8 hours away, and I went to stay with my family about an hour away. On Christmas day, I drove back home to check on the cats and feed the fishies. What should have taken me about three hours ended up taking the whole day due to the massive snowstorm that came in. The roads were insane and the snowploughs couldn't keep up. So today is definitely a stay-in-and-drink-tea type of day.

Waiting for his peanuts...
I'm hoping to start working on a few recipes to post soon! I have a couple things in mind, I just need to get the steps down and take a few pictures.

Hope everyone has a great X-mas!

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  1. SNOW! It looks so pretty! I wouldn't even know what to do with myself.