Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Kitty and a Christmas tree.

Feeling: I've been pretty down lately. It's always a challenge to ignore the negative thoughts that creep in, but lately I've been losing the battle. I've also been having trouble sleeping. I've been trying to remember to take sleeping pills but when I forget and take it too late, I wake up feeling groggy and worse than ever.

Loving: Trying new recipes, like this one for macaroni and cheese (did not like). Revisiting old recipes, like the one I always used to use for pork tenderloin.

Excited about: Making homemade beer with my boyfriend! We bought a brew kit and some ingredients last weekend, and we're going to start our first brew this weekend! I love beer above all other beverages (although I'm partial to anything with gin in it) and it's going to be really interesting making our own.

Listening to: Place de la République by Coeur de Pirate off the album Blonde.

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